For most of my life, I have been involved in some form of musical training or performance group. I have had instruction in piano, clarinet and guitar, but percussion has had the most influence on my artwork.  My musical background manifests itself in the resonating “notes” of color, lyrical lines of wire, and various rhythmic repetitions found in my work.  When I look at layers of materials, I see layers of sound, like the structure of a song – the steady beat of the drums, the measured accompaniment of the bass, and the prominent notes of the melody.  With changes in scale of different objects, I see variances in volume and dynamics.

 One of the reasons I enjoy creating is that the results always surprise me, surpassing my initial vision. I approach each piece intuitively, allowing it to “grow” organically.  I work with found objects chosen for their bright colors, plasticity, shape, and texture, which I then alter and re-purpose to create new forms.  As my process has evolved, so have my techniques of alteration.  I am continually discovering ways to manipulate my materials until they are no longer regarded as their original form, but transcend their purpose. Through my artwork, I strive to reveal the inherent beauty of everyday life.